Date Vinegar

Date Vinegar

Date Vinegar Specification

Product Type: Vinegar

Type: Fruit Vinegars

Processing Type: Blended

Form: Liquid

Color: Black -Brown


  • Natural, Delicious and Semi-Sweet
  • No Additives, Preservative, Color
  • Pasteurized Product with Acidic Taste

Nutritional Value: High Source of Fibers, Calories, Iron, Sugars and Total Carbs

Medicinal Benefits: To prevent cancer, reduce the ldl cholesterol, lose weight, get better weak hearts, helps with persistent cough and other medicinal benefits.


  • Use as Natural and delicious Flavor for foods &salad & Pasta and stews
  • Use for preparation of meat before cooking.
  • Use for salad dressing and marinating meats and vegetables
  • The Great Complementary for grilled meat and fish sauces

Place of Origin: Iran

Packaging: Crystal Bottle of 250ml,300 ml,400ml,600 ml &Bulk and Can (Tinned)