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Dried Dates Fruit

Fresh dates has high amount of moisture which sometimes its moisture is more than half of the dates weight .this high amount of water prevent prolong storage of dates fruits and make restrictions in transportation and packaging processes of dates.! So by drying dates moisture level will be reduced and consequently storage capability will be more too!  drying dates results on relative increase on glucose concentration .so daily consumption of certain amount of dried dates compared with other kinds of dates will supply multiple energy for your body!

Dried dates is a kind of dates fruit which by excretion of cholesterol from arteries is very effective on cardiovascular health and is considered as a high calorie fruit which fights against harmful calorie. Its high amount of fiber is rich source of energy and suitable for weight loss. also fiber prevent from constipation and clears digestive system .it will be effective on heartburn ,dyspepsia and stomach acidity .dried dates fruit is full of calcium and moreover, prevent from arthritis and osteoporosis .the dried fruit is replete of iron that increase production of red blood cells and consequently you will have better blood circulation .its vitamin B content has direct influence on hair injuries and helps to remove it.

It should be noted that the dried dates should not be consumed excessively, because its high consumption is caused to harm liver, high blood pressure and decay .those who are suffered from diabetes or have high blood sugar should use dried dates less than others.

Shahani ,Zahedi(zahidi) ,Shakkar and Dayri are some of the Iranian dried dates fruits which each of them has unique characteristics and are differed from each other .Iranian semi-dried dates are following types: Stamaran , Piarom (piarum,Maryami), Hallawi, Shahani, Rabbi, Khazravi and Ashrasi and the most prominent cultivar provinces of the mentioned dates are Khuzestan , Hormozgan , Bushehr ,Kerman , Sistan and Baluchestan ,Fars and Ilam. Dates such as Stamaran,Piarom(Piarum,Maryami),Zahedi(Zahidi),Dayri and Khazravi has an attractive light brown color, sweet taste and succulent flesh and some of them like Dayri,Hallavi,Piarom(Piarum),Khazravi,Gantar,Zahedi(Zahidi) and Stamaran are considered as the best Iranian export dates fruits in the international markets that fortunately always has faced many welcomed in the world.

Dried dates fruits have more calorie than fresh dates which can be a full of energy snack for those who exercise seriously .but it should be pointed it out, doctors believe the fact that dried dates or berry consumption can increase sugar level and cannot be denied.! So dried fruits consumption instead of sugar cubes ,dried dates or berries would be the best choice! Doctors have recommended  dried fruits supply needed energy and are more healthier than sugar cubes or dried dates fruits!  

  • Date Fruit Production In Iran

    In recent years Iran is one of the leading Countries in Date production in the world, with annual production of about 900000 metric tons. Date palm s grown mainly in South ,South East, and South West of  the Iran . There exists a good opportunity and a large potential for trade in this commodity in Iran. In areas where frosts do not occur the Date palm is the most characteristic representative of irrigation agriculture.

    Date Production Statistics  ( 2012 - Fao)



    Production (MT)





    Iran (Islamic Republic of)



    Saudi Arabia















    United Arab Emirates






    China, mainland


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