Dates Fruit and Diabetes

Dates Fruit consumption for all people generally and in particular for those who are suffered from diabetes disease has limits and should be consumed regularly. ! the free and uncontrolled consumption of palm stems is caused by the fact that Date fruit consumption will not caused to weight gain .Remember date fruit consumption because if its high amount of sugar which mostly includes simple sugar will cause to weight gain and diabetics who have had the mentioned disease in their family should use it carefully.

The following  are list of fruits which can be consumed by those who are suffered from diabetes disease : apples , apricots , banana , figs , grapes , kiwi , orange , Dates Fruit and Dried Dates Fruit. The mentioned Fruits particularly Dates Fruit and dried dates fruit can be eaten instead of other foods such as grains which has high amount of carbohydrate in your diet . so Dates Fruit or Dried Dates Fruit due to its high amount of sugar is not considered as a favorable food for those who are suffered from diabetes disease.  Most of fruits have sweet taste and because of this usually people believe that the sweet fruits such as Dates Fruit , Dried Dates Fruit or banana is not recommended for diabetics  and should stay away to have balanced sugar level. but actually the fact is that the mentioned Fruits consumption is not harmful but has limits for particular persons such as those who are suffered diabetes and should be consumed carefully because excessive Date Fruit consumption in particular Dried Dates Fruit will result in weight gain and high blood pressure.

It should be noted that excessive Dried Dates Fruit can become the worst and the most harmful fruit for diabetics .According to American diabetes association fruits has high amount of vitamins and mineral substances such  as E,A,C and phosphorous, iron and magnesium which can be the best and suited food for diabetics diet.  One of this fruits is Dates Fruit which its low consumption will not harmful for diabetics and satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your blood pressure in check. Dates Fruit consumption with yoghurt and milk can remove feeling thirsty and hungry but remember those who are suffered from diabetes disease should not consume Date Fruit more than twice a day!

It is worthy to remark  excessive Dates Fruit consumption due to its high amount of sugar would be changed to simple sugar in the body and consequently will result in weight gain and high sugar level . fresh Dates Fruits has less calorie and sugar compared with Dried Dates Fruits and it is better particular persons such as diabetics consume Fresh Dates Fruit more than Dried one.