Dates Fruit In Spain

Due to special and different conditions of production of this fruit , only tropical countries can cultivate Date Fruit , so that in Europe , just small parts of Spain have needed situation of planting and harvesting Dates Fruit and because of low production , Dates  only are exported to neighboring countries. 

Initially , Arabs took the Date with him to Spain and Spanish  people with carrying  dates to America , were the first people which take it to middle east, north Africa and  Arabian peninsula  .  among European countries , Spain has more background in palm cultivation.

Some of the European countries like Spain and France after purchasing date again export them in the new packaging to markets in other countries. In 2001 According to provided statistics , Tunisia , Iran , Arabia , France and America were known as the most exporting countries of the date , but in 2009 countries like Mexico , Spain , India , Costa Rica and Holland  became the top five exporters of the date , however, the mentioned countries are not major producer of date fruit.