Jujube Dates Fruit

Jujube date Fruit is a kind of date fruit which due to its red color is called red date or Chinese date.The palm tree which can be found from Iran to Southern Chinese and even southeast Europe , has particular name in different regions. In India and Pakistan is called Inab and in the eastern Asia is called red date , Chinese date or even Indian date .In Iran jujube palm tree is cultivated in some parts of Iranian highlands such as Khorasan province..the Date Fruit which its cultivation is common on North Africa , Southern Europe and Mediterranean has a sweet taste and is considered as a herbal drug! Jujube date fruit includes multiple vitamins such as C , A ,B2 and several minerals as calcium ,phosphorous ,iron.
Jujube Date Fruit is replete of medicinal properties which it is better to be mentioned here.the Date Fruit works as a laxative drug and prevent to be constipated. The Date consumption strengthens liver and digestive system and is useful for kidney health. The Jujube Date Fruit can remove hoarseness , tiredness and is beneficial for those who are suffered from asthma disease .it is worthy to remark  that mentioned date fruit can control diarrhea and strengthen hair growth.
Jujube Date Fruit to some extent helps to gain weight . leaves of jujube palm tree are small , pretty , transparent and its fruit is red and egg-shaped. The Iranian Date Fruit also is useful to increase physical power and muscle strengthen .it should be noted that Jujube Date Fruit has direct influence on treatment of irregular heartbeat , excessive sweating bodies .it is blood purifier and helps to better digestion. Dried Jujube Date also is astringent , soothing and anti-cancer.The Jujube Date in the different areas is consumed differently. In the Great Britain is served as dried fruit or delicious candy by drinking tea in the afternoon. In Korea, China and Taiwan usually consume Jujube Fruit sweet syrup. The Date Fruit in particular regions is used for vinegar production .canned Jujube Date Fruit and tea flavored with Jujube tea is available in the world too.! But in Iran ,Pakistan and India Jujube Date Fruit mostly is used as a dried Date.
It is funny to say that in the most countries of the world, Jujube Date Fruit is used as a fresh green Date that is so delicious too! in the Eastern Asia , very large size Jujube Date palm tree is grown with various colors such as red and black color. Histological findings shows , Jujube Date Fruit has protective effects against liver diseases and is so effective on treatment of fatty liver. In the Iranian traditional medicine jujube consumption is so recommended for treatment of diseases such as cough , cold , flu and sore throat.But it should be considered that Jujube Date consumption in the cold-natured persons will result in bloat which this kind of persons should consume Jujube Date with currant.