Fresh Date Fruit

Fresh Dates Fruit have a reddish or yellow color and after picking are very hard , very  juicy and have simple sugars like fructose and dextrose. The Dates are available in late summer and its main supplier markets are Eastern Asian markets . Fresh Dates Fruit are ready to eat when are green or what is known as the Kimiri stage. Fresh Dates Fruit humidity is high which this high amount of water prevent long-term maintenance of fresh dates and cause restrictions on transportation and packaging that by drying dates can to the extent decrease high amount of water and increase storage capabilities . 

We can store them in a container at balanced temperature for up to two months and let them to get soft . After several days the date would be brown .so when date lost its yellow color and changed to brown , its ready for eating. Fresh Dates Fruit just like other type of dates are beneficial. It is loaded with several essential minerals and vitamins that are necessary for body function .Those who practice more should use a nutritious snack such as The Dates Fruit in order to supply lost energy. Moreover, has less calorie than dried Dates and are high in iron, potassium and are beneficial for preventing Anemia, Constipation and fatigue.

Fresh Dates Fruit like other types of Dates is loaded with multiple health benefits. The Date Fruit is the best alternative for those who are suffered from constipation and actually works as a laxative drug. Fresh Date Fruit due to its high amount of fiber can clear and facilitate digestive system and makes its function better ! moreover , the Date Fruit is beneficial to keep your heart healthy and improve blood circulation. Produced energy after consuming Fresh Date Fruit is less than those ingredients which has simple sugar ,so it is better to consume Fresh Date instead of simple sugar. Potassium is one of the prime and main mineral substances in promoting a healthy nervous system , so regular Date Fruit consumption  due to its high amount of potassium can have direct and positive influence on nervous system and functionality. Remember, those who are willing to weight gain can consider Fresh Dates Fruit as one of the main parts of healthy diet!

If you are thin and want to increase your weight, or you want to build your muscles, you need to eat dates! But never forget that excessive Fresh Date Fruit would be detrimental and diabetics person should use it carefully! It’s the fact that Fresh Dates Fruit have more calories than other fruits but fortunately , high amount of calories in the fruit does not cause weight-gain and actually most kinds of Dates Fruit like Fresh Date have trace amount of sodium , cholesterol and fat and has little bad effects.