Palm seed

A Palm Tree seed is the most basic part of a palm which have important role in production of a palm tree and in the following bearing crops. The growth rate of palm seed is very slow and take a complex process .If the all needed conditions such as direct sun   balanced  level of water because dry soil stop growth process compeletly , fertilizer and suited temperature  be ideal , date seed may germinates around one hundred days later.
Pullulation by seeds is the oldest way of date pullulation  which is considered as the main source of all existing kinds of seeds in the world . but unfortunately  nowadays this method has been abolished and its only function is non-food uses , palm breeding programs and wood production. So date palm trees can be easily pullulated by seeds if seeds continually was kept in moist condition .At approx can say that half of the plants which are produced by  seed are male and the remaining half is female ,so distinguishing them from each is impossible And Produced plants are not similar to mother plant genetically  .
Moreover , reproduction by seed has various disadvantage such as late fruiting palm tree , lack of uniformity in tree growth and fruits size ,extreme variation in color and sharp decreasing in fruit quality . so we can pullulate palm tree by another method such as palm tissue planting . in mentioned method ,manufacturing plants are totally similar to mother plant , all parents attributes such as the product growth , resistance to diseases and pests is transferred to produced plants and time seedling production would be increased considerably.