Raw Dates

Date Fruit as an paradise fruit has various benefits ,actually all parts of the date palm tree can be used which sometimes its water is more than half of the dates weight. The date includes 2% protein and less than 2% fat and mineral substances. Its amount of protein and moisture is depending on type of date and its ripening time!
Date Fruit from cultivation to harvest time should take 4 phases which includes: First phase which is a green and bitter fruit with hard texture is called Chaghali. Dates Fruit in the phase is replete of Fructose and Glucose. Second phase takes 6 weeks .in the phase, Date Fruit is still hard but its color turns in to orange and red color .in this phase date fruit is called  Kharak which mainly is rich source of sucrose. In the phase actually Chaghali became red and orange and is totally raw.Third phases which date is called Rotab,takes 4 weeks .Rotab date is a semi-riped date fruit with an attractive brown color.! Last phase which date is totally ripe and takes 2 weeks.
People around the world based on their taste and interest prefer to consume particular kind of dates .Arabs people usually prefer to eat Raw or Khark date and believe that is so effective for treatment of multiple diseases.
Just few kinds of dates fruits are harvest at second phase when the date is raw before totally become ripe . Raw or Khark date is not as sweet as Rotab or Date but due to its high mineral content has various remedial and nutritious values. The date is very effective on thirst and control Diarrhea .Raw dates consumption has positive influence on production of red blood cells and also so useful for weak persons. It is anti-cancer and beneficial to relieve backache and strengthens hearing and vision ability.
The date also is used to remove swelling of eye lids ,preventing from colon cancer, stomach cancer and etc .one of the important benefits of Raw dates is being as a laxative food. If you soak 6 or 7 dates in the water overnight and enjoy it in the morning will be effective to remove constipation.
Recently, innovative method has been innovated which can change raw dates fruits to ripe and tasty dates as soon as possible .in this method Kharak or raw date one week before ripening time would be harvest and after industrial and experimental processes ,in addition to being ripe and tasty will be sanitary and free of dust!
in the ripening process is not used antibacterial or chemicals under no circumstances . innovator declared changing raw dates to ripe dates is very effective to increase productions and export to international markets and up to considering national and international interest ,global markets will be attracted to purchase the dates fruit.!